July 19th Pro Party
Model List
Miss Lisa - 45 - top
Miss Lisa has been a Professional in the field of discipline for many years.  She has done videos with various companies, and her love of spanking really shows in her work.  She can give a mild spanking, or really blister your bottom.
Audrey - 35 switch
Lovely Audrey has been in the Professional lifestyle for many years.  She usually does her work out of Destiny's Chamber, but she is gracing us with her attendance at the party, so get her while you can.  We dare you to find a lovlier bottom on a woman, or a better personality.  She is a sweet heart.
Mari - 22 - switch
Mari resides in California, but will be in Philadelphia for a limited time.  She is a heavy player, whether it be in Top mode, or bottoming.  If you wish for a light spanking, ask her ... maybe she will be in a good mood.  She has been in the lifestyle for a few years, but you would never know it.  She is a natural, and highly addictive.
Tara - 26 - bottom
Tara is new to the world of spanking.  She is friendly, and will chat your ear off, but when it comes to spanking, you really need to coax her to do public play.  She has a gorgeous bottom, as you can see, and can take quite the spanking.
Kaddy - 44 - top
Watch out!  This gorgeous creature will blister your bottom, but you will be so entranced by her, you will not mind it.  She has been in the lifestyle for many years, and we are very pleased to add her to our list.  It would not be a party without her.  You will love the rasp in her voice, as she tells you to assume the position, and take your punishment.
Pandie - 21 - bottom
The word that best describes Pandie, is, WOW.  If you have been itching to give someone a blistering, she is your girl.  Pandie is a complete masochist.  She is a sweet heart as well, and a joy to play with.  She has been in the lifestyle for a few short years, but plays like a veteran.  She is just like candy, leaving you wanting more.
Melanie - 22 - bottom
Melanie is another one that will leave you breathless.  Her sparkling personality, sweet demeanor, intelligence, and adorable bottom are second to none.  She has been in the lifestyle for a few years, and we are so lucky to have her as an addition.  She is a medium player, after a nice warm-up.
Every woman in attendance is open to private sessions,
outside of the party, as well. 
If you are interested in booking some time with one of these lovely ladies, inquire during play at the party on the 19th.

We look forward to meeting you, and a good time being had by all.  If this is a success, we will definitely plan future events,
maybe even with a fun theme.
Rebel - 24 - bottom
Her name says it all.  Though she is a sweet heart, Rebel is very lively, spunky, and bratty.  She may act as if she does not want it, but she takes a very hard spanking.  Put Rebel in her place ... across your lap.  She is another fun addition to our group of models, and is a joy to sit and have a conversation with.  Give Rebel what she needs.  A hot, red bottom.
Adriana Evans - 26 - switch
Adriana is another excellent addition to our model list.  She is gorgeous, highly intelligent, and can take, or give quite a spanking.  A very veluptuous figure, and a warm smile.  This woman is the complete package.