1.If a bottom openly and knowingly brats a Top, they should be prepared to pay the consequences or leave the party.

2. Recommended play: Old-Fashioned, Over the knee (OTK) non sexual Maternal and Paternal type loving discipline scenes are acceptable modes of play.

3. Wearing a thong is mandatory if you intend to play in the open space. This is for men and women alike.

4. No hardcore bdsm equipment or implements are alllowed

5. No vulgarity, mind your manners please.

6 Its not rocket science, dress nicely. No BDSM gear

7. Please do not hover over others during play in open spaces

8.We use the standard safe words. "YELLOW for lighten up and RED for stop

9. If  you are in a scene and there is too much noise or you cant easily speak then squeeze the persons ankle to get them to lighten up.

10.No cameras, laptops or recording devices of any kind.

11.NO CELL PHONE use inside the party space. Go outside for all calls.

12. You MUST fill out a membership form in order to attend any party!

If you are planning on attending one of our gatherings, please abide by these rules, as they are always standing.